Meet the Farmers

We are your farmers.  With more than 10 years of organic farming and agricultural experience between us, Eric and Bethany seek to use the most sustainable methods possible to bring the highest quality produce to our customers.


We are so happy to have come up as farmers in Maine.  We are incredibly grateful for the support and education we've received from farmers and eaters here.  We couldn't imagine digging into our new business anywhere else, and we look forward to all the adventure to come! 

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Harvest Tide Organics is owned and operated by Bethany Allen and Eric Ferguson.  Cumulatively we have over 12 years of farming and agricultural experience.  

Bethany started farming in Boston and quickly moved to Maine for the real deal.  She has worked for a number of farms, large and small, in the southern mid-coast area, harvesting for CSAs, selling at the local markets, milking cows at 3 AM, and slaughtering turkeys each Thanksgiving.

Eric started farming in his early teens in his home town of Fryeburg, Maine and later moved to Bowdoinham to manage a large, wholesale greens operation.  After spending a few winters in Florida over-seeing operations down there, he is back in Maine for good.